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Each box will include a variety of activities to inspire and educate:

  • 2 books within the month theme to widen their knowledge as well as bonding with parents in a storytelling activity. 
  • An edutainment project that allows kids to learn and play at the same time such as fun craft and science-based projects.
  • Art material to get creative, display, and express themselves.
  • A Surprise toy or game to encourage community and sharing. What will it be this month?
  • As well as a variety of other growth-oriented surprises and treats.

KIWOO Box – a monthly subscription box of edutainment 

  • Every month or every 2 weeks Kiwooza Edutainment curates the KIWOO Box to help children develop key skills and discover interests. With different themes and activities each month, KIWOO Box will be ready at your doorstep to help your children take their first step in self-discovery.
  • Your littles will receive a surprise box full of wonders on a monthly basis with unique materials, books and treats to practice their scientific, technical, creative, and social skills. All themes and activities are carefully researched and developed for children age 3 to 9 to develop well-rounded growth and bonding with the whole family in playtime. 
  • Don’t let your kid go bored at home
  • Take the time to explore and grow

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