Air Purifier COWBOY (AP-1008DH)

-20% 10,800,000₫ 13,500,000₫

Product detail

  • Exclusive herbal Hepa filter technology with 4 layers of membrane, eliminating over 99% of 0.3PM fine dust, allergens, and air pollutants, especially A H5N1, H1N1
  • Hyper-sensitive air sensor quickly detecting and gauging the pollution level
  • Intelligent AI processor automatically adjusting airflow speed
  • Delicate super-thin design with a scratch-resistant leather-covered front
  • Suitable for rooms of up to ~33m2 of area
  • Safe automatic shut-down upon replacement of the membrane
  • Membrane replacement lamp indicator
  • Light sensor-based sleep mode
  • Power saving (5-38W)
  • Very quiet operation, no noise (20,7-47,3dB)

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 Air Purifier COWBOY (AP-1008DH)
 Air Purifier COWBOY (AP-1008DH)
 Air Purifier COWBOY (AP-1008DH)